Entrepreneurs, It’s not going to be easy no matter how beautiful the dream is – CEO, Black Pen NG

I am Oni OludamolaOlukunle, a creative content creator, with an immense interest in consumer technology and digital entertainment. I work currently as the Managing editor of Black Pen NG, which I founded as a student in January 2017 at ObafemiAwolowo University. Black Pen NG (www.blackpenng.com) is a Digital Media brand with focus on creation of editorial and original content in the niches of consumer technology, entertainment, e-commerce and digital culture.

What motivated you to start the venture?

Well, as I said earlier, I started the brand as a student. And my simple motivation was the flair to inform the audience, and of course, I am a writer. So, the brand sort of culminates my commercial writing and being a platform where people get informed. It started with general information, but with the passage of time, the team and I began shaping it to our core interests – tech and digital entertainment, where we believe we can make an impact.

What are the challenges you have encountered so far?

Well, personally as the Managing Editor of the brand, one of the major problem I have encountered at the start was the issue of internet connection. The brand operates online, so, stable and affordable internet remains key. But, we moving well on that now.

Also, finding the right people who are able to project stories with the signature voice we use on the website is a challenge, many people are not ready to bend away from the usual, you know?

Solutions to the problem

Well, for internet and other running expenses, all that can’t be on a startup that hasn’t secured funding. Hence, there was the need to create an underlying business model. On our part, we do commercial writing and brand designs.

For people, since we tell our stories from a slightly different approach from what is known in the Nigerian mainstream, we get people and keep enlightening them on our approach. We believe that no one was born ready. Once the potential is there, we move!

What advice would you give the readers?

First, not everyone will be an entrepreneur. You can be an employee somewhere, but I always advice that you sharpen your financial knowledge and invest. To people who would love to be entrepreneurs, it’s not going to be easy – no matter how beautiful the dream is. With that, you keep going even in the face of failures.


Twitter: oludamola_
LinkedIn: Oni Oludamola Olukunle
IG: itsblack_pen
Whatsapp: 07061275703

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