Have you been having a headache over getting another source of income?

Truly, the thoughts of making extra cash can be frustrating and depressing. Many people are shifting attention to remote work but this too is becoming overpopulated and very competitive as you need some set of skills to compete.

Don’t look dejected; with the insight, I will be sharing in this post about making money from farming, I am certain the solutions to your troubles are here and you will be making profits in weeks.

Yes, I said Weeks!!!

Several entrepreneurs, employees, graduates and undergraduates have been venturing into one form of business in various fields and have given little or less attention to farming.

Don’t be surprised I mentioned Farming!

Farming is an outstanding field that only few entrepreneurs are aware of and are making a lot of money from.  I am not saying you are going to do farm work, NO. Don’t get it wrong; I am pointing you to the lucrative business opportunities that are readily available and profitable in the world of farming.

Are you an entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a lucrative field to invest in? Are you a fresh graduate still job hunting? Are you an industrious undergraduate?

If you answer YES to any of the questions above, then farming is your gold mine.

Here are 5 Farming opportunities for you to make extra income:

1. Planting and Sale of Fresh Vegetables:  Ugu leaf, waterleaf, scent leaf, jute leaf and other fresh leafy vegetables are highly nutritious and medicinal. They are of high demand with a readymade market in your environment. Fresh vegetable business is a zero-startup business and you can make cool cash from it even while going to work and job hunting. All you need to venture into this business is a small fertile garden space in your compound or a close farm where you can plant the vegetable seeds or stems. In at least 3 weeks of frequent watering and application of fertilizers you are ready for harvesting and BOOM!!, cool cash. If you are an undergraduate, fresh graduate, an employee, or an entrepreneur; then you have an oil block in your compound; Start Now.

2. Manufacturing and Sale of Bean Flour: By processing bean seed into flour; it will make it easy for people to easily preparing their bean cake or bean pudding without thinking of the stress of removing chaffs, stones and other foreign objects as well as grinding. Beans are nutritious food which is proteinous and is used in making bean pudding (moi-moi) and bean cake(Akara). Few entrepreneurs have benefitted from the earning potentials of bean flour production but here you are about to be part of the earners from the business. All you need to do is to purchase some buckets of bean seed, remove the chaffs and other foreign objects, wash out the outer back, dry it in sun or with an oven then grind. Neatly package your bean flour and you are in business.

3. Production and Sale of Yam Flour: Another lucrative underutilized business is Yam flour production. The era of preparing pounded yam by pounding cooked yam in mortar is over, as pounded yam can be prepared with yam flour and equally give the same taste and quality. The yam flour business requires little capital and the production process is not tedious. Production of yam flour involves the purchase of edible yam tubers, peeling and slicing into light sizes, parboiling the sliced yams, drying the parboiled sliced yams over specified temperature and time, then grind into flour. Neatly package the yam flour into moisture-proof nylon bags and you are in sales.

4. Farm Produce Marketing: The soul of every business is marketing. Many farmers run at a loss because they don’t know how to sell their farm products. Knowing how to sell farm products and who to sell particular farm products is a headache for farmers but as an entrepreneur, a profitable business. You can tap into this opportunity and make extra income by marketing farm produce for farmers. Get closer to different farmers and peach your business opportunity to them, after which you source for hotels, online stores, grocery stores, retail stores, schools and some homes that need fresh farm produce and market the products to them. In a few weeks, you will make more income than some salary earners.

5. Agro-Export Agent: The exportation of farm products is very lucrative but can be very dicey. Many farmers do not trust the process and prefer to deal locally. Being an educated and schooled individual, you can be an agent between the farmers and exporters. All you need to do is to understand the exportation process and rare crops that are of high demand in foreign countries and BOOM, you are earning in dollars.

Now that you have a settled mind about how to make extra income from farming, it will interest you to know that there are trending technologies that can help you with sales, marketing and optimized profit in your farming enterprise.

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