On Friday the 14th day of September 2020, the Evolve Africa organization represented by the founder was hosted live on RaveTv Business Show. He shared the organization’s great wealth of business knowledge with the host and the audience.

The topic of the show was, Effective Positioning For The Digital Economy. While fielding questions about digital economy, he emphasized the future of the economy’s prosperity greatly lies in the hands of the young peoples of today. He maintained that this is because the elderly people today, though with greater experience, may not have the ability to align with the trends of the current digital world. 

Evolve Africa’s Representative At The RaveTv’s Business Show

Fortunately the show was recorded and uploaded on the RaveTv’s YouTube account. So you can always watch the video below.

VIDEO: RaveTv’s Live Business Show With Evolve Africa

The RaveTv Business Show is a 30minutes live programme. So business experts address questions and challenges facing young entrepreneurs and small business start-ups. The programme which allows the audience to call in was so engaging. And so the host prayed for a continuation of the show on the same topic with Evolve Africa.

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