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After 174 applications over 8 months, Austin finally got employed in a digital marketing agency as a digital marketer responsible for content marketing and inbound marketing with an income of over N80,000 allowances not included.

Although Austin is a microbiology graduate, he couldn’t get employed with just his second-class upper certificate. Austin realized his reason for remaining unemployed after his 165th application which yielded an interview where the only question asked was “WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR THIS ORGANIZATION?”.

Austin was simply asked to sell himself by stating his skills and how it can be used to achieve organizational tasks and goals. He couldn’t confidently answer the question and that was how his job hunt continued, however, he had learnt the lesson that he need more than just a certificate to be employed.

There are many Austin out there; graduate of several years who have consistently continue to apply for jobs and go for interviews, yet no employment yet. For you to have come across this post, then you are one of the lucky ones whose unemployed status will soon be changed to employed. This article will reveal the reasons many individuals are still unemployed and what to do to be gainfully employed and you would not need to waste your resources anymore.

Are you also like Austin who have submitted over 150 job applications?

Did you bother to ask yourself why haven’t you gotten a job yet?

If you are a serious job seeker, then you should always do a personal inward check after every job application that yields no interview call or every unsuccessful interview. Asides from CV or Resume possible errors, assess your credibility as a job seeker; ask yourself this question, “If other employers won’t hire me, why should the next company I apply to hire me?”

Austin carefully thought over the questions above and started researching about skills he could easily acquire. A post caught his attention on the internet trending digital skills that companies are recruiting, he must have digested this post and chose to enroll for digital marketing skill with Evolve Africa Skillup program and his job hunt ended after less than 10 job applications in a month.

No organization or hiring manager want to employ an individual they have to spoon feed on job functions.  Every company employ solution provider who will be the round peg for the round hole and not a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. With the advancement of technology in business operations, digital skills are the most sought skill organizations now look for.

Just as Austin realized on his 165th job application that he was not employable because he does not have what hiring managers and organizations need. You can also put a stop to your fruitless job search having realized the importance of acquiring digital skills irrespective of your course of study as an undergraduate.

Evolve Africa Skillup is a core skill acquisition program targeted at undergraduates, young graduates and employees looking to upgrade their career with the aim of preparing them for the future of work skills and high demand digital skills. The program is 100% Virtual. However, participants are attached to coaches who will be a guide in their learning journey. The program also assist applicants to structure and proof read their CVs and resume.

With the dynamic world of work and evolving technology, job seekers need to be abreast of the highly needed skill of employees so as to be at the top of the job market and be ahead in their chosen career.

Why not suspend your next job application and enroll for one of the available courses on Evolve Africa Skillup platform and be assured of employment on your next job application?


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