Tourism and travel in Nigeria, along with many other global destinations, are witnessing significant market patronage. The best aspect of this vast industry is its ability to attract people from diverse backgrounds, making it a versatile venture that can thrive in various locations. To capitalize on the business prospects in this sector, here are 14 profitable tourism and travel business ideas that you can start in Nigeria.

1). Tour Guide Business

Tourism brings in lots of money for countries with popular tourist destinations. This creates opportunities for local people to benefit by showing tourists around these places. Many tourist spots have interesting stories and histories, so as a tour guide, you can share these stories with tourists and get paid for making their trip enjoyable and exciting. The main goal is to make the tourists’ experience interesting and fun.
2). Hotel Business

Because of modern advancements, the hotel business has greatly improved over time. Opening a hotel in or near a tourist town can be a very profitable opportunity. When people travel, they look for comfortable places to stay, and some may want to spend a few days in the town. Citing a great hotel that offers comfort and fun in the heart of tourist areas can lead to significant income over the years.
3). Travel Planning Business

Planning a trip requires careful preparation, being organized, and paying attention to details to avoid disappointments. Many travelers in Nigeria seek the help of travel planners to make their travel experience stress-free and enjoyable. Entrepreneurs can start this business or collaborate with travel agencies to reach more clients and provide better services.
4). Car Rental Business:

Renting cars is a profitable business in Nigeria because many tourists and entrepreneurs prefer the convenience of renting cars for their short visits instead of relying on public transportation throughout their stay.
5). Events Planning:

Oh certain occasions, travelers want to have a fun and private time with their friends, family, or spouse in a special place. During such occasions, they may need the help of professional event planners to organize a smooth and hassle-free event for them.
6). Travel Blogging

Travel blogging is a fun and easy activity where people share their travel experiences to interesting places, like tourist spots and beautiful sites in Nigeria. Apart from making money from their blog’s visitors, travel bloggers also have opportunities for sponsorships and advertisements.
7). Photography Business

When tourists visit popular sites, they like to capture memories of their trips. As a professional photographer, this presents a business opportunity. By regularly visiting tourist locations, photographers can take beautiful photos for people and get paid for their services. Additionally, photographers can sell these pictures to the public in Nigeria or create social media accounts where they showcase their works.
8). Translation Services

Tourists and travelers who don’t speak the local language of a tourist town need translation services for their business and tourist activities. They rely on professional translators during their stay to communicate effectively. This business is mainly for people who can speak multiple languages, but an entrepreneur can start a translation service and hire professional translators to help tourists.
9). Restaurant Business

Food is an important part of cultures worldwide, and travelers from different places love trying African local dishes. Because many people visit tourist towns, investing in the restaurant business can be a profitable business opportunity for interested entrepreneurs.
10). Airport Shuttle Business

Operating a shuttle service to transport people to and from airports is very important, as travelers often need quick and convenient transportation. Running an airport shuttle business, especially in big international airports, can bring in a lot of money due to the high demand for such services.
11). Fashion Boutique Business:

Travel and tourism often involve holidays and looking good is important for most tourists. Even during work trips, people want to dress well. However, many corporate travelers prefer to pack light. This creates a great opportunity for fashion boutiques in the travel industry. Opening a fashion boutique in a tourist town can lead to increased sales since travelers are interested in buying stylish clothes and accessories.
12). Spa Business

When tourists travel, they enjoy relaxing at spas for a soothing experience. Similarly, after a busy work period, people often take vacations and end them with a spa session for relaxation. This makes the spa business a profitable idea for tourism and travel in Nigeria. The risks are low, and if the services provided are excellent, there is a good chance of having repeat customers.
13). Arts and Souvenir Shop

The arts and souvenir sales business is essential in tourism and travel because people like to buy items to remember their trips. They purchase art and other things that remind them of their experiences at tourist sites or towns. Also, travelers often want to get gifts for their loved ones back home, which increases the demand for arts and gift items during tourist occasions.
14). Honeymoon Planning Business

When people travel as couples for their honeymoon, they often seek help in planning their special trip. Couples sometimes ask their loved ones for assistance, but there are also professional honeymoon planners available. If a honeymoon planner has a good track record of successful planning, couples can trust them to handle their honeymoon arrangements.


The tourism and travel industry has many untapped opportunities. While some businesses may need a lot of money to start, most can be started with little or no capital. You don’t have to be a professional in to get started. If you want to take advantage of the business opportunities in the tourism and travel industry, you can start with any of the 14 lucrative tourism and travel business ideas you can start in Nigeria.

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